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Five Safes Crate

The Five Safes RO-Crate profile extend the Workflow Run RO-Crate profile for use in Trusted Research Environments (TRE).

The intention is to follow the Five Safes Framework to process sensitive health data in federated workflow execution across TREs in the UK.

In Five Safes, a crate with a workflow run request references a pre-approved workflow and project details for manual and automated assessment according to the TRE’s agreement policy for the sensitive dataset.

The crate goes through multiple phases internal to the TRE, including validation, sign-off, workflow execution and disclosure control. These checks are recorded as Actions, e.g. a AssessAction signs off execution.

At this stage the crate describes the workflow run and thus conform to the Workflow Run Crate profile. The final crate is then safe to be made public. This extension of Workflow Run Crate documents and supports the human review process – important for transparency on TRE data usage.

The initial implementation of this profile used WfExS as the workflow execution backend, and this approach will form the basis for further work on implementing federated workflow execution in the British initiatives DARE UK and HDR UK and in the European EOSC-ENTRUST project for Trusted Research Environments.

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RO-Crate details

The profile uses the BagIt wrapping of an RO-Crate inside a ZIP file. Internally the TRE is free to , see TRE-FX implementation reports