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RO-Crate Community

Table of contents

  1. RO-Crate Community
    1. Team
    2. Meetings
    3. Mailing list
    4. Slack Chat
    5. Code of Conduct
    6. Contributing
    7. Open Source


The RO-Crate team is:

The RO-Crate Community is open for anyone to join us!


The RO-Crate team try to meet at least monthly in a telcon, see the rolling agenda for schedule, call-in details and minutes.

See also recent and upcoming events.

Mailing list

The RO-Crate Community has a low-traffic public RO-Crate mailing list, used for announcements and general enquiries.

Note that most discussion about the RO-Crate specifications typically happen in GitHub issues and community meetings.

Slack Chat

We have an informal Slack chat channel #ro-crate on (join).

Code of Conduct

Contributors to the RO-Crate community are expected to comply with our Code of Conduct to ensure an open and inclusive environment.


To suggest changes, improvements or issues, use the GitHub repository - if you are new to GitHub or Open Source you may appreciate the GitHub guides like Hello World, MarkDown and How to contribute to open source

You are welcome to join us!

Open Source

This specification and documentation is Open Source and licensed as Apache License, version 2.0, see for details.