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RO-Crate Specification

The RO-Crate 1.1 specification has been released.

Historical note: After the initial draft, the community decided to base the specification on DataCrate, and changed the name from ROLite to RO-Crate.

Feedback and improvements are welcome towards RO-Crate 1.1, taking into account backwards compatibility according to semantic versioning.

This specification and documentation is Open Source and licensed as Apache License, version 2.0, see for details.

To suggest changes, improvements or issues, use the GitHub repository - if you are new to GitHub or Open Source you may appreciate the GitHub guides like Hello World, MarkDown and How to contribute to open source

Contributors are expected to comply with our Code of Conduct to ensure an open and inclusive environment.

Feel free to join our community and help shape the next version of RO-Crate!