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Workflow Run RO-Crate

RO-Crate profiles to capture the provenance of workflow runs

Workflow Run RO-Crate is a working group for defining RO-Crate profiles for capturing the provenance of an execution of a computational workflow.


The Workflow Run RO-Crate profile collection is the main outcome of the group’s activities.


The Workflow Run RO-Crate working group is part of the RO-Crate community.

We coordinate using the channel #ro-crate on (join) and the RO-Crate mailing list. Material from or related to the group’s activity is available from the GitHub repository.

Currently we have bi-weekly meetings you are welcome to attend.

Post here to join the working group.

Co-chairs: Simone Leo, Laura Rodríguez-Navas



These RO-Crates are being co-developed as examples of using the Workflow Run profiles:

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