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Autosubmit is an experiment and workflow manager that is able to produce Workflow Run RO-Crate files. Before Autosubmit adopted RO-Crate, the provenance of workflow runs was available but was it was not standardized, consisting of configuration and trace files compressed into a single archive file.

Now, Autosubmit produces a ZIP file with the same content as before, but it also includes the top level RO-Crate JSON-LD file. In this file users can find data annotated with persistent identifiers (PID), and following a pre-defined schema, which makes it not only human- but also machine-actionable.

The most common use cases for Autosubmit are climate and weather workflows executed in HPC environments, like BSC’s MareNostrum. The execution logs include metrics from models, Slurm jobs, energy usage, dependency versions, and more. Now more accessible through RO-Crate.