Schedule for RO2018

Schedule for Workshop on Research Objects (RO2018) at IEEE eScience 2018 [archived 2019-05-10].

Date: 29 Oct 2018, 08:30 – 17:30 CEST Part of: IEEE eScience conference 2018 [archived 2019-08-10] Place: Mövenpick Hotel Amsterdam City Centre; Piet Heinkade 11; Amsterdam Room: Matterhorn I

New:  Slides available for most talks. Collaborative notes include comments and hyperlinks. See also proceedings for corresponding articles/abstracts.

7.30 **Registration opens** - in Foyer 1
8.30 **Welcome and Workshop Objectives **** ** Carole Goble, Stian Soiland-Reyes and Sean Bechhofer: [ Research Object Community Update]( [[slides](] [[abstract](]
8.45 **Keynote**: Carl Kesselman: [ Research Objects For Everyday Use]( (45') [[slides](]
9.30 **Infrastructures** Ravi Madduri, Kyle Chard, Michael D'Arcy, Segun Jung, Alexis Rodriguez, Dinanath Sulakhe, Eric Deutsch, Cory Funk, Ben Heavner, Matthew Richards, Paul Shannon, Gustavo Glusman, Nathan Price, Carl Kesselman and Ian Foster: [Reproducible big data science: A case study in continuous FAIRness]( _(10') [[slides](] [[abstract](] Peter Wittenburg, Dimitris Koureas, Larry Lannom and Robert Quick: [Implementing a Flexible Infrastructure for a Digital Object Based Data Management]( _(10') [[slides](] [[abstract](] Oya Beyan, Andrea Wuchner, Dirk Eisengräber-Pabst, Christoph Quix, Christian Zaschke and Oliver Schumacher: [Research Data in the Fraunhofer Digital Project : Creating a FAIR Research Data Infrastructure and Culture]( (10') [[slides](] [[abstract](]
10.00 **Life Science Workflows** Folker Meyer, Robert Finn, Wolfgang Gerlach, Alex Mitchell, Travis Harrison, Andreas Wilke: [On the way to research objects for environmental genomics (or metagenomics)]( (10') [[slides](] [[abstract](] Stian Soiland-Reyes, Farah Zaib Khan, Richard O. Sinnott, Andrew Lonie, Michael R Crusoe and Carole Goble: [Capturing interoperable reproducible workflows with Common Workflow Language]( (10') [[slides](] [[abstract](] Anita Bandrowski, Tom Gillespie and Mary Ann Martone: [Research Resource IDentifiers for Key Biological Resources]( (10') [[slides](] [[abstract](]
10.30 **Coffee break** at Atrium Foyer****
11.00 **Packages** Stian Soiland-Reyes and Marcos Cáceres [The Archive and Package (arcp) URI scheme]( _(paper presentation) _(15') Bryce Mecum, Matthew Jones, Dave Vieglais and Craig Willis: [Preserving Reproducibility: Provenance and Executable Containers in DataONE Data Packages]( (paper presentation) (15') _ Jo Barratt and Serah Rono: [Frictionless Data and Data Packages]( (10') Peter Sefton, Michael Lynch, Gerard Devine and Duncan Loxton: [DataCrate: a method of packaging, distributing, displaying and archiving Research Objects]( (10') [[slides](]
12.00 **Posters** and **Demos ** [Propose breakouts and lightning talks](
**12:30** **Lunch**_ Posters and Demos may continue_
13.30 **Keynote**: Federica Foglini: [The Research objects paradigm to manage the Scientific Life Cycle within the marine science domain – the EVER-EST Solution]( (45') [[slides](] [[abstract](]
14.15 **Earth Science** Raul Palma, Andrés García-Silva, Jose Manuel Gomez-Perez and Marcin Krystek: [A Research Object-based Toolkit to Support the Earth Science Research Lifecycle]( (paper presentation) (15') _
14.30 **Breakouts** & **Lightning talks** [Breakout proposals]( include: * How to identify resources you don’t control? * Research Objects for academic articles * Research Object model standardization Additional breakouts can be suggested in the live document [](
15.00 **Coffee Break** (breakouts can carry on if they like!)
15.30 **Scholarly Communications** Paolo Manghi, Michele Manunta, Miriam Baglioni, Alessia Bardi, Francesco Casu, Claudio De Luca and Argiro Kokogiannaki: [Enabling Open Science publishing for Research Infrastructures via OpenAIRE: The EPOS use-case]( (10') Daniella Lowenberg and Elizabeth Hull: [Community Needs and Priorities for the Future of Open Data Publishing: Dryad & California Digital Library]( (10') Kristi Holmes, Karen Gutzman, Patricia Smith, David Eichmann and Melissa Haendel: [Making it count: a computational approach to attribution]( (10') Michael Aufreiter and Naomi Penfold: [The Reproducible Document Stack reinvents the journal publication for a world of computationally reproducible research]( (10') Rachael Lammey: [Mapping relationships between research objects]( (10')
16.30 **Lightning talks** and urgent other communications
17.00 **Wrap up / Discussions / Future Developments **

In addition to the 2 invited keynotes, 17 submissions were accepted for oral communication after peer review of submitted abstracts and papers. Underlined author names indicates speaker. See the RO2018 proceedings for full citation information.

eScience conference

RO2018 was organized as part of the IEEE eScience 2018 [archived 2019-05-10], which main programme [archived 2019-05-10] continued following the workshop day.