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Workflow Execution Service (WfExS)

WfExS-backend is a high-level workflow execution command line program that consumes and creates RO-Crates, focusing on the interconnection of content-sensitive research infrastructures for handling sensitive human data analysis scenarios. WfExS-backend delegates workflow execution of existing workflow engines, and it is designed to facilitate more secure and reproducible workflow executions to promote analysis reproducibility and replicability. Secure executions are achieved using FUSE encrypted directories for non-disclosable inputs, intermediate workflow execution results and output files.

RO-Crates are, indeed, an element of knowledge transfer between repeated workflow executions. WfExS-backend stores all the gathered details, output metadata and execution provenance in the output RO-Crate to achieve future reproducible executions. Final execution results can be encrypted with crypt4gh GA4GH standard using the public keys of the target researchers or destination, so the results can be safely moved outside the execution environments through unsecured networks and storages.