is developed for the research community, by the research community. Currently led by Carole Goble and her team in the eScience Lab at the University of Manchester, is supported by members of the Research Object community, to disseminate knowledge about Research Objects, their concept, adoption, and other latest developments.



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Collaborations is involved in an number of ongoing collaborations with the following institutions / projects:

The Farr Institute BCO-logoCWL-Logo-nofonts

Background is a continuation of work done in the Wf4Ever project which built on the ideas and prototypes of myExperiment packs.


Core Development Team

  • Carole Goble (PI)
  • Sean Bechhofer (Researcher)
  • Stian Soiland-Reyes (Technical Lead)
  • Daniel Garijo (Researcher)
  • Raul Palma (Researcher)
  • Michael R Crusoe (Community Advocate)
  • Finn Bacall (Developer)
  • Stuart Owen (Developer)
  • Alan Williams (Developer)
  • Catarina Martins (Developer)


  • Khalid Belhajjame
  • Oscar Corcho
  • Don Cruickshank
  • Matt Gamble
  • Esteban García Cuesta
  • Graham Klyne
  • Norman Morrison
  • Mark Robinson
  • David De Roure
  • Jun Zhao

Advisory Board

  • Christine Borgman, UCLA
  • Michel Dumontier, Stanford University
  • Scott Edmunds, GigaScience
  • Paul Groth, Vrijie University
  • Brian Hole, Ubiquity Press
  • Paolo Manghi, ISTI of Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche
  • Brian Matthew, STFC
  • Paolo Missier, Newcastle University
  • Susanna Sansone, Oxford University/Nature Publishing
  • Herbert Van de Sompel, LANL
  • Kaitlin Thaney, Mozilla Science
  • Mark Wilkinson, UPM
  • Katy Wolstencroft, Leiden University