Workshop on Research Objects 2019

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Programme for RO2019

Twitter hashtags: #ResearchObjects #eScience2019


RO2019 presenters were kindly requested to upload slides at (uploads were assumed to be re-sharable under open access license CC-BY 4.0 unless otherwise noted)

Participants can view or download slides. (TODO: Organize & link to slides)

A Collaborative document was set up to collect notes, links, comments etc during the workshop.


See also the list of accepted papers and abstracts and the peer reviews.

More of eScience 2019

RO2019 was on the first workshop day of eScience 2019. See the eScience 2019 programme for the full schedule of eScience covering the rest of the week.

The conference Gateways 2019 ran in parallel and included tutorials on Monday 23 Sept 2019. Additional registration fees applied to attend the Gateways tutorials.