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While we’re mostly focusing on the RO-Crate specification some tools already exist for working with RO-Crates:

  • Describo - interactive desktop application to create, update and export RO-Crates for different profiles. (~ RC)
  • Describo Online – Web-based application to create RO-Crates using cloud storage (~ alpha)
  • ro-crate-excel – Command-line tool to help create RO-Crates from spreadsheets (~ beta)
  • ro-crate-html – HTML rendering of RO-Crate (~ beta)
  • ro-crate-preview – GitHub Action for ro-crate-html, e.g. publishing crates on GitHub Pages (~ alpha)
  • ro-crate-js – JavaScript/NodeJS library for RO-Crate rendering as HTML. (~ beta)
  • ro-crate-ruby - Ruby library to consume/produce RO-Crates (~ beta)
  • ro-crate-py – Python library to consume/produce RO-Crates (~ beta)
  • CheckMyCrate – Validation according to Workflow RO-Crate profile (~ alpha)
  • galaxy2cwl – Wraps Galaxy workflow as Workflow RO-Crate (~ alpha)
  • ya2ro – Generate RO-Crate and HTML page from YAML template with look-up of DOI/ORCID/GitHub metadata (~ prototype)
  • arc-to-roc – Generate RO-Crate from an Annotated Research Context (ARC), see DataPlant
  • ROCrate_enrichment_service – API-based metadata enrichment service for RO-Crates (~ prototype)
  • rocrate-to-html – Github Action to publish rocrate objects as Github Pages (~ alpha) (see also new_rocrate_to_pages)
  • FAIR-Research-Object – evaluate FAIRness of Research Objects through an API (~ prototype)
  • repo2crate – Generate a Workflow Testing RO-Crate from a “best-practices” workflow repository
  • ro-crate-java – Java API for creating and modifying RO-Crate using builder pattern
  • ro-crate-benchmarks – Benchmarks for performance testing RO-Crate libraries
  • tonkaz – Tool to verify workflow reproducibility, compares RO-Crates of workflow execution results.
  • signposting – Python library & CLI tool for resolving PIDs as FAIR Signposting, e.g. DOIs from WorkflowHub to RO-Crate (~ beta)
  • RO-Crates-and-Excel – generate RO-Crate from Excel file, following the RO-Crates-and-Excel profile.
  • rocrate-lang-py – RO Crate Python library to help you load language data from ro-crates (~ prototype)
  • ROcrate-interface – Initial development in creating an interface between workflow languages and a LivePublication RO-crate specification (~ prototype)
  • aiida-rocrateAiiDA plugin that allows exporting (parts) of the provenance graph as Research Object Crates. (~ planning)
  • RO-Crate-Registry – a Web-based registry of RO-Crates (assumes ZIP on http/https) (~ prototype)
  • ro-crate-validator-py – a modular RO-Crate validator (~ alpha)

See also applications using RO-Crate.