BagIt for transferring and archiving Research Objects

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BagIt is an Internet Draft that specifies a file system structure for transferring and archiving a collection of files, including their checksums and brief metadata. BagIt is commonly used by digital library communities for archival purposes, and is mandated by the Library of Congress for digital preservation. Research Object bundles are structured ZIP-files for serializes… Read more »

taverna-prov: Taverna Workflow Engine Prov Export

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Taverna-prov is a plugin for the Taverna Workbench and Taverna Command Line – a scientific workflow engine. The plugin allows the export of the provenance of a workflow run according to the W3C PROV-O standard. The provenance is exported as a file  which species a structured ZIP file with a manifest (.ro/manifest.json) that corresponds to the RO bundle specification. The following… Read more »

RO Bundle (Zip)

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The RO Bundle specification defines a file format for storage and distribution of Research Objects as a ZIP archive; called a Research Object Bundle (RO Bundle). RO Bundles allow capturing a Research Object to a single file or byte-stream by including its manifest, annotations and some or all of its aggregated resources for the purposes of exporting, archiving, publishing and… Read more »

Combine Archive

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“A COMBINE archive is a single file containing the various documents (and in the future, references to documents), necessary for the description of a model and all associated data and procedures. This includes for instance, but not limited to, simulation experiment descriptions, all models needed to run the simulations and associated data files. The archive is encoded… Read more »