2017-09-27 eLife Reproducible Portable Publications

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On 2017-09-27 I met with Naomi Penfold and Giuliano Maciocci from the journal eLife, Oliver Buchtala and Michael Aufreiter working on Substance, and Nokome Bentley doing Stencila. Our topic was the eLife/Substance/Stencila collaboration for a Reproducible Document Stack, and how that can relate to Research Objects and other Scholarly HTML initiatives. This blog post gives… Read more »


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Reprozip is a project led by Prof. Juliana Freire at NYU, to develop a tool that makes it easier for authors to publish reproducible results and for reviewers to validate these results. By tracking operating system calls, ReproZip systematically captures detailed provenance of existing experiments, including data dependencies, libraries used, and configuration parameters. This information is combined… Read more »