The completely renovated ROHub portal, developed by the EVER-EST project, includes a new and modern design, improved performance, plus a set of new features focused on improving the user experience.

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The ROHub was also presented at IEEE eScience Conference, described in the paper Towards a Human-Machine Scientific Partnership Based on Semantically Rich Research Objects.

Some of the key features in the current release include:

  • the activity search page to find and inspect events related to the research objects and/or resources
  • the about section with information about ROHub, Research Objects, News, Publications and the team behind
  • an informative box for research objects in the featured ROs section, and in the search results
  • a totally new presentation of the research object overview that includes the display of additional key metadata, an summary bar, and an action toolbox
  • the possibility to inspect & update on demand the semantics annotations that are extracted automatically from the research object content
  • the research object activity view to to find and inspect events related to the particular research objects and/or its resources
  • an improved design of the research object content, quality, relations and access control views
  • the research object lifecycle view that allows to inspect the change history of the research object

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