Why publish and be so damned hard to find?

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Chris Parr from Times Higher Education Interviewed Prof Carole Goble at JISC Digifest. You can read and listen to Carole’s views on the lack of transparency about academic research methods by clicking on the links below. “Outdated practices and lack of simplicity result in ‘unfindable’ work, Carole Goble tells Jisc Digital Festival” Podcast Article

JISC Digifest Keynote

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Carole Goble gave a thought provoking keynote presentation at the JISC Digital Festival where she talked about www.researchobject.org. It was great to see that the TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimensions in Scholarship) analogy was picked up by Chris Parr from Times Higher Education. You can find the talk live on the JISC website here. Goble's "tardis" of… Read more »

Combining Docker & R for Reproducible Research

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Interesting preprint posted to arxiv by Carl Boettiger from UC Santa Cruz, describing an example of an increasing trend to use Docker to package up investigations as reproducible research: Carl Boettiger, An introduction to Docker for reproducible research, with examples from the R environment